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(no subject) [Feb. 19th, 2011|10:54 am]
Nite Mirror
I need to be cleaning, but I haven't quite got my motor going yet today. So instead of working on the house, an update here then I should be active enough to get moving.

I mentioned my Godson is getting married this June. Earlier this week I found out about a 2nd wedding. That girl who played the cello for us way back when, is also getting married this June. Mom talked to that young lady's mother. Mom told me the girl's mother was upset the kid not only didn't tell us about her wedding, but also she never visited us with her hubby to be. Knowing that side of my family, there's a good chance we'll be getting a visit from the couple in the next month or two.


Hmm, what else? I finished White Witch, Black Curse by Kim Harrison. I've been enjoying that whole series of books.

Speaking of books, I'm on the email list of a fair amount of major book sellers. Today, Borders books sent me an email formally announcing my local store they have by me is closing and everything in the store must go. Prices are slashed up to 40%.

I've only known the store from the customers point of view, and from the happy memories I had of buying some books then reading through them while sipping a latte in their coffee shop --- or going even farther back in time, my old swing dance group used to meet there to do our dancing and socializing years ago in that coffee shop. I am not happy seeing that store close.


Oh, another thing that happened was checking my mail earlier this week I discovered a sticker placed on the underside of my mail box's lid with a bar code on the sticker. My mail box is now a "managed service point."

I found this website which among a bunch of other things talks about managed service points: www.usps.com/strategicplanning/cs04/chp2_015.html

Officially, it's for planning mail delivery routes. Unofficially, I think it's to spy on my mail carrier and make sure he's doing his job when he should be doing it.


That's enough for now. Time to get moving no matter if I feel like it or not.
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(no subject) [Jan. 31st, 2011|01:59 am]
Nite Mirror
It's time for an update.

I've got a pretty long note of things I want to talk about today. Hmm, although looking over the list now most of the stuff no longer seems important/interesting enough to bring up.

Well, let's just see where I go with what I got and what new stuff I may add along the way.

First of all, the bad/sad news. I went to the funeral of the woman I called "The other daughter" Saturday night. Memories of her have been bubbling around in my head since then. She and I disagreed often, a fair number of those memories brought emotions best left in the past.

Also, general thoughts of the frailty of human existence were in that bubbling memory mix.

Ah, the short, bright day leading into that long, dark night ...


In lighter news, It looks like the bamboo I thought I kill may survive as a shadow of its former self. The top 4 to 5 inches are dead and withering away, however the one small side branch has put out a new sprout, and the main ... trunk? (do bamboos have trunks?) has gone from a pale yellowish color to a more greenish yellow.


Oh, I need to call the vet for a couple reasons. First I'm out of the monthly heart worm preventive med's I give Fawn. Also, while I'm pretty sure she's not due for her yearly shots till July, the vet mailed me a notice that they are due. I've got to ask about that. And, finally she's scratched one ear bloody. I think I need one of those collars that look like a megaphone to prevent her from scratching her head so that ear can heal. I'm not sure where I'll find the money, but I'll figure out something prob.


Speaking of money, I know I can't afford to take the city up on it, but I got a letter about a matching grant program for home repair/improvements. If I send them an estimate by a reputable contractor for work on my house and they think it will improve the value of my house (and neighborhood), then they'll pay half the of the price listed on the estimate to get the work done. I can't afford even half the cost of any of the work my house desperately needs.


Oh, I got a bit of a laugh the other day.

One of the celebrities I follow on twitter posted that he "walked into Kimmel, literally."

For a moment I read that he walked into Klimt, and I was worried he somehow got close enough to damage one of the Adele Bloch-Bauer paintings for a split second, but the "Lady in Gold" et aliae are just fine as it was Jimmy Kimmel that he bumped into and not one of Klimt's masterpieces.


On the Esperanto front, I wrote to a South Korean guy who wants to practice his English and is fluent in Esperanto. Basically I said I know English and want to practice my Esperanto. Let's write to each other.

My letter was a bit longer than that of course, and I wrote it in both English and Esperanto. I was surprised that while I did have to look up some Esperanto words for the translation, most of what I translated I did off the top of my head. I didn't think I was skilled enough for that.


Next? Oh, the con letter!

I received an 8 page snail-mail letter earlier this week that started out; "William, please forgive us, but we have just taken a closer look at your profile. It turns out you're more special than any of us imagined! Did you know that you posses some very rare, hidden traits? In fact, there is a famous person (someone you would instantly recognize, he's on TV every night) who possesses these same special, incredibly rare traits ..."

I read that first paragraph, then skipped to page 8 to see how the story ended. I had until the 28th of January to send my free reply and join their exclusive super-secret group. oh, darn. I won't be able to get the 56 page package containing all their secrets which would be completely free to me.

I know too many secrets now anyway -- no matter what you people do, don't ask me about either Jimmy Hoffa or Helen Brach! ;)


Finally, it's not a secret that I like poker. I've been looking over the new home game option that pokerstars now offers. I like the concept of being able to have your own private games with only friends you invite to join. My only problem is I don't know enough people interested in playing poker to have my own pokerstars home game.

Well, maybe I can get Jimmy, Helen, and Elvis to join. Oh, wait, forget I typed that!
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(no subject) [Jan. 28th, 2011|03:26 pm]
Nite Mirror
On Jan. 28, 1986 I had just walked into the dorm room of two friends (who would later become two fraternity brothers) of mine. One of them was watching his little television (2 inch screen), the launch of the Challenger space shuttle was what he was watching.

I remember standing next to him and watching it with him as the shuttle was engulfed in smoke, and I remember thinking that's not how other launches went a second or two before I realized what must have happened to the shuttle.

We called over his roommate and the three of us standing shoulder to shoulder watched that little TV and the coverage of the shuttle disaster. Wow, hard to believe that was 25 years ago today.
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(no subject) [Jan. 18th, 2011|03:27 pm]
Nite Mirror
Poker entry, if your not interested, you can stop reading now, but I need to do a little bragging.

I was playing at a table where the preflop raises were rather loose. Just to make a point that I noticed how loose the table was I raised one person holding only bottom pair all the way to the river. Then I told her I noticed she was raising preflop with nothing.

From her denials, she apparently does think that hands like K7 suited were worth preflop raises in early position. rofl.

Anyway, I called her again to the river with another junk hand and admitted to her accusation that I was playing while on crack making sure to add a lot of lol's and rofl's into my nonsense babel.

Then while keeping up the inane/insane babble, I quietly tightened up my preflop playing range, and folded when I what I was playing missed the flop. From her berating me and my crazy plays, she never noticed how much I tighten up my game.

I quickly made the profit I wanted from her and left with her asking me not to go. That was one of the more fun poker sessions I've had in some time. Gotta love it when your target is begging you to stay at the table.
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(no subject) [Jan. 17th, 2011|12:22 pm]
Nite Mirror
I've disable comments to my post for Ron Santo's memory. If anyone wants to make anonymous posts to this journal, please don't put them on an entry where my candle and rose icon is used.
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(no subject) [Jan. 15th, 2011|12:17 am]
Nite Mirror
Let the weekly randomness begin denove (um, again):

First of all I just found out that apparently I'm not a Gemini, but a Taurus according to the guy who wants to revamp the zodiac (and this only child liked thinking he was under the sign of the twins -- now it's all bull), and H is apparently something call an Ophiuchus now too (which seems kinda snakey to me).


ah, this was a Mom week. Tuesday and Wednesday she had doctors appointments, and with the snow I had to rush to shovel both days before her appointments. Actually, for the Wednesday snow fall, I didn't even get around to shoveling my own house till Thursday because of dealing with Mom.


On the plus side, the virus ridden laptop that I've been working on (and off) for the last ... ah, well over a year I really lost track of how long, now has a new OS (although I still kept it XP). I got all the files off I wanted to save, wiped the drive and reinstalled XP. Then it took 3 days of downloading updates, but I'm sure the virus that had embedded into the OS is now gone.


I mentioned last week that I'm back to drip coffee. Since cinnamon is one of my favorite spices, I couldn't resist picking up a cinnamon and spice flavored coffee to try. Um, I decided it's not the coffee I want when I first wake up, but for later in the day it makes a nice beverage.

Just proving my craziness, last couple nights the cinnamon and spice coffee has been a bedtime drink for me. Yes, I'm one of those people whom caffeine doesn't seem to have an effect on.


What else? Oh, I think I need to do a check that Mom's identity hasn't been stolen; but given how panicky she gets, I want to do it behind her back. Yesterday she was very upset. Apparently, 5 different insurance agents called her wanting to give quotes saying she contacted them with her name *and* address saying she had bought a new car and wanted a quote on the insurance.

Um, right now we are having trouble buying food much less cars.


I also mentioned I think my modem is dying. The temp solution I've been using is not to turn it off. I'm pulling the ethernet cables to disconnect this computer from the internet when I want it off line right now. The plus side of this solution is I have instant internet the moment I put the cable back in, no waiting for the modem to reconnect to the internet (as it no longer always does when I us its power switch to turn it off and on).


I'm sitting here staring at the blinking cursor and a dog just put her head in my lap. Those are two signs that it's time to move on.

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(no subject) [Jan. 8th, 2011|03:35 pm]
Nite Mirror
I told myself I'm going to start trying to post something here at least once a week. So here's my first of the once a week posts (No promises on if I actually stick to making a weekly post or not).

I really don't have much to say at the moment, but I'll catch ya all up with some randomness.

First thing, does anyone else have trouble with their friend pages here on LJ? When I go to mine it's like there are no line breaks in anyone's paragraphs -- ok, it isn't just like that, it is that. The paragraphs are all on a single line and I have to scroll to the right to read a paragraph that's more than 3 or 4 sentences long. It's a pain.

Next? Oh, I've been playing admin to my old pirate flag's forum. There's been a lot of spam accounts joining that I've been deleting/banning lately. It's funny. Sometimes that's a pain, and sometimes when I'm in a bad mood it's therapy to go and delete all the junk accounts.

I think I hit a limit with my Esperanto studies. I know I said one of my missions this year is being more social, and I think the next step in reaching my goal of becoming fluent in Esperanto is to find someone to practice with. My shyness is kicking in though. So far I've chickened out on contacting anyone about practicing Esperanto.

Hmm, what else is going on? Oh, while I'm going to focus on Esperanto through February, starting in April I plan on focusing on my tlhIngan Hol, and I see the head of the KLI (Klingon Language Institute) has started putting out little 5 minute podcast/lessons. I've been downloading and saving them for April when I start to focus on that language. I almost wish that he had waited till then to start those podcasts to match when I plan on going back to that language, but I know the beginning of the year is a more natural time for him to have started.

Hmm, I also have mixed feelings about my main mission of making this year better for me than previous ones. It seems the best way to do it is be a bit more anal retentive about planing a schedule for myself and sticking to it despite what else is going on. Although, I guess I need to be a bit more anal about some things if I am going to improve them.

Speaking of keeping to a schedule, Mom canceled out on me. We were going to go refrigerator shopping for her today, but between the bitter cold and her paid helper working today she decided it was better to put it off yet again.

Hmm, one last piece of randomness, then it's time I got going. I had developed a bit of a ritual in making instant coffee first thing when I wake up. Um, cutting to the chase (since I'm running out of time for writing this), I've switched back to electric drip coffee as of a couple days ago for my morning coffee.
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(no subject) [Dec. 3rd, 2010|02:41 pm]
Nite Mirror
Of all those that bleed Cubs blue, today the Die Hard Cubs lost the one who had the most Cubs blue of all of us.

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(no subject) [Sep. 11th, 2010|01:24 pm]
Nite Mirror
Remembering 9/11/01

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(no subject) [Jun. 23rd, 2010|11:53 am]
Nite Mirror
I have to admit I'm checking/updating lj here less and less, and over on facebook more. Basically, I'm thinking twitter is only for short messages, facebook medium length, and here for the long, big stuff.

So the "long, big stuff" that brought me here today is reading some sad news about a long retired WGN person. Given how long Roy Leonard has been retired, those in the Chicago area would mostly recognize his name as currently doing a few radio commercials if at all.

I remember him having his own radio show and regular appearances on WGN TV back ... Well, so long ago it seems like it was another life.

Getting to the point, a blog entry he made dated June 20th (http://www.royleonard.com/blogs.php) tells about a serious fall his wife had.

From reading that entry in his blog, it sounds like his family and he could use some prayers, good thoughts, and/or healing wishes.
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