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Well, I just spent a bunch of money I don't have to resurrect my business. It's almost too late to gear up for the holiday season (hence, nearly half of the cost was to rush ship the stuff to me). So I bought Catalogs, brochures, and even a little gift for everyone on my business' mailing list.

Now the only problem is one I have been thinking about for a long time. How much, or how little, is right to tell everyone about why I haven't sent out a single mailing this entire year. Right now I'm leaning toward just a simple letter touching on 3 points

1)this year has been challenging with both family and personal problems
2)here's a big sale for the holidays and to make up for being gone
3)please tell others about my business and have them join the mailing list

The problem is even at my best I was never good enough to inspire others to give me word of mouth recommendations. With this black mark of not mailing anything out in almost a year, I think I'm screwed. I have to try though.

Now it's bedtime for Bonzo.
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