Nite Mirror (nitemirror) wrote,
Nite Mirror

I finally got all my catalogs in the mail (and while it cost a bundle, it wasn't quite as bad as I was expecting). The last few weeks have been crazy with trying to get my business going, and handling family matters.

I was pleasantly surprised when I took Dad to the local dentist the other day and while going through the magazines in the dentist's waiting room I found my spring catalog. I'd forgotten I'd given them a catalog. On Monday when Mom goes there I think I'll give the new catalog to the receptionist along with a bunch of Christmas and Glass fantasies brochures. I must remember to attach a note about my sale too. (everything is 10% off, orders over $30 get free regular shipping, and over $70 gets free rush shipping through the end of this month).

I've got to keep moving, although I'll try to find some time to read my friends list later tonight.
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