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Long rambling, and disjointed things

Things are more or less back to my abnormal schedule, and I have some time to catch up on things here. Given that I've stored up a few different things I'd like to talk about this may be a *long* rambling entry.

So if you don't have time, ....

Ok, I guess you do have some time now. Well, kick your feet up, get yourself a warm cocoa, or a cold brew and relax some.

Where to begin? Well, this afternoon before the rain started, I drove by the lake front again. Lake Michigan was moody today. Hazy, 2 to 3 foot slow moving waves, and gray water because of the haze.

I was a little surprised as I drove through the park, congregating by the pitcher's mound in the park's baseball field was a flock of geese. Normally the only time I see geese around here is in the fall and spring when they're migrating to and from Canada. Although just the other day I did hear that because of this weird warm weather migrating birds aren't going as far south as they usually do. I don't really have much more to add on this topic, but I did think it was worth noting.

Moving on to some hastily written notes I made over the last few days of things ...

One of the books I'm reading is an old (copyright circa 1950's) book about how someone became a successful salesman. I just finished the introduction and one of the things he said in there struck me as odd. He stated that if his use of the word "I" in the book sounds like bragging it was unintentional, and that he wants to promote the ideas behind what made him successful rather than himself.

I can see myself saying something like that, and for sales where promotion and name recognition is everything ... Well, the concept isn't what I think the norm is in that industry. The same could be true of my stint in community theatre. The vast majority of people in that were there for the recognition of the audience. Now don't get me wrong, some ego stroking I think is needed for anyone myself included. It's just that I don't seem to want as much of it as the people I tend to be around which puts me into the background most of the time.

I suppose I could continue on this topic, but this time I intentionally want my writing to digress because I have a lot of diverse topics I want to touch on here. So moving on, I heard an interesting comparison the other day. Basically it said that philosophy was the martial art of thinking. The person that said that was referring to the fact that philosophers in general are trying to push their own pet philosophical ideas on everyone including other philosophers and so the debates are heated and the ideas they propose tend to be subjugated to the rhetoric of arguing itself.

However, "the martial art of thinking" equaling philosophy seems a rather concise definition of philosophy too. Most people think "the meaning of life" type things are philosophy, but it's more than that. Love of wisdom is a more literal definition from the etymology of the word, and perhaps the ancient Greeks that started this branch of science did indeed love it. I know little of the more modern philosophers. I've read a little Nietzsche, but that's about all. So perhaps I shouldn't be commenting about this topic at all. It's mostly bunk anyway. We all have our abstract thoughts, and if we try to "share" our ideas, well then we get into "the martial art of thinking" and as no one has exactly the same world view as another, arguments are inevitable and agreements miraculous when they happen.

Is anyone still reading this?

Um, anyway, continuing the tome I'm writing here. Another thing that caught my attention in that discussion was that this person said the modern day focus of philosophy seems to be language deconstruction. By definition, the exact opposite of what I do when I play around with conlangs. Although how exactly one deconstructs a language but keeps meaning ... Hmm, I suppose it might be possible, but it would almost exclude the possibility of being able to tell anyone about the person's findings. Actually, come to think of it that does sound like philosophy -- I have an idea, but you can't understand it. :-P~~~


Ok, the next chapter in this missive. For those of you not familiar with the Discworld novels, read them. They are not only humorous, but I find lots of things in them that ring true as well. I just finished reading Mort by Terry Pratchett. That's one of the early Discworld novels (the only one of the early Discworld books I missed the first time around). In that book, there was a line about ignoring microscopic hope lest you frighten it away. Hmm, I noted it to expand on it, but now I'm remember a better quote from Pratchett's Maskerade where the conversation went something along these lines:

Nanny: What lies about masks?
Granny: That they hide people's faces.
Nanny: But they do hide people's faces.
Granny: They only hide the face you can see.

Granny is good at "headology" and there is no mask that can hide a person if you observe them long enough. Or I guess as Shakespeare put it "A rose by any other name would still smell as sweet." Pratchett in a sense is saying a face with any other nose will still act the same.

Moving on yet again, ... Cecilia Tan. I did a *quick* check researching this author and can't decide if I'd like her sexually explicit works or not. If anyone actually has read this far and knows of her, what do you think of her works? Mostly the science fiction she wrote is what I might be interested in reading (Telepaths Don't Need Safewords is the book I'm thinking about specifically).

Well, I could go on, but I think I've dropped enough into this entry now.
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