Nite Mirror (nitemirror) wrote,
Nite Mirror

I am taking a break from shoveling with a nice cup of hot soup. I spent most of the day over at a my parents' home. Dad is getting worse by the day it seems with his mood. Anyway, just to get away for a time I used the excuse that I was going to buy myself a winter cap. I lost mine and I was sure it would have turned up by now, but it hasn't. So I do need a new one.

I started to head out to the mall in the height of the storm. I got to maybe the far city limits before deciding the weather and road was too bad to drive. So I treated myself to some fast food, headed to the local park, and watched the storm over the lake on one side of me and some kids playing on a snow board on the park's snow covered hill on the other side.

While I was watching one of the local surf nuts drove by with his board strapped to the top of his van. Surfing during the height of a winter storm? Well, I would estimate the lake had some good 4 foot waves and they were coming into the shore fast and hard because of the storm. "So, hey, surf's up, dudes!"

Someone might be able to talk me into going on my first attempt at surfing during a warm summer day, but the middle of winter in a good sized snow storm? I don't think so.

Well, the alarm I set to remind me I still have to shovel snow here just went off. So I'll quit here, go shovel, and post this after I get back inside.
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