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Nite Mirror

For most of this week I've been busy with family stuff. I'm going back and forth worrying about the health of both my parents, and trying to escape for a few hours from the events of that place for both relaxation and getting some work done on my business. My business is getting lost in the shuffle. I can't let that continue.

However, I'm not working for myself today. I'm relaxing again for myself. I'll give a bit of a rundown on the events of today a little farther into this entry, but there are a few things from earlier in the week I want to get to first.

Earlier in the week (Tuesday to be exact) one of my swing dance friends had a birthday, and to get her card in the mail in time to receive it by her birthday I took a late night walk Sunday to find a mailbox. Tuesday morning I find an email from her thanking me for her card. I guess she got it in time which I was glad. I wasn't as happy to see her ask when my birthday was in that email. I told her, but I also mentioned I no longer celebrate my birthday because rarely do celebrations involving other people turn out the way I had hoped. It's to the point that not celebrating my birthday has become one of the few superstitions I have. I'll honor the day and treat myself to whatever strikes my fancy (a Cubs game on TV, junk food, and beer is the usual), but I no longer want anyone else involved.

Strange, I just realized that most of the better birthdays I've had involved the Cubs. The best was when H and I went to Milwaukee to watch the Cubs play against the Brewers one rainy day some years back. I still have both the Cubs cap and Sosa Tee shirt I got that day. However, I rarely stop to think of the history of those clothes when I wear them.

Anyway, I was touched by C's email to me. That reminds me. Since my post of my relative "J" visiting. I realized I needed to dust off that "score card" of my friends since I have a swing dance friend who I call "J" here too on that card. Hmm, I think the relative will be called Jn if I mention her here again so as not to confuse her with the J from my swing dance circle of friends.

I just stopped to add Jn to my list (I'll post the updated list soon). I will prob. be making more updates in that "score card" as I have recently joined another group (that has nothing to do with dancing) and will no doubt be making many new friends through that group too.

Moving on, it's been no secret I'm a big fan of WGN radio. (I say as I'm listening to a folk song program on a different radio station while typing this). Well, my least favorite WGN radio hosts are on in the morning, Kathy and Judy. However, I have been listening to them lately and not believing what I've been hearing.

One day I slept in and my alarm had to wake me. Being set to WGN, they were on the air. Now they are *NOT* the shock jock types (meaning they don't use coarse language or sensationalize topics). However, it was ... interesting waking to them talking about how to find a woman's G spot that day. The next day I listened again. They were talking about the pros and cons of French kissing (and techniques -- and yes, I did take a few mental notes for improving my technique if the opportunity ever arises in my life again).

They moved on to tamer topics later in the day, but I started suspecting a trend. So I listened to the start of their show on Friday. They debated about bikini waxing versus shaving for *men's* privates. Perhaps I was too judgmental about not wanting to be a "girlfriend" (what they call all their regular listeners female and male). Those kind of topics certainly make a different start to a day.

So moving on to the mundane events of today. One of the errands I ran today took me to the local Walgreens store. I saw a teddy bear wearing a leather jacket that I liked. With the leather that bear had style. The only thing I didn't like was on the jacket it said "our love rocks" with hearts for the second letter in each of the words.

Ah, I think I'll take a narcissistic approach to interpreting it, and "give" that bear to me. bangwI' ghaH jIH'e'. (hmm or I suppose it could just be *bangwI' jIH*, but I like the former better for some reason.)

Well, I spent some time over at my folks' house after doing the errands they wanted, more than I had planed actually. I am divided in my feeling of being with them, especially now, and other conflicting needs that can only be accomplished away from them. I am slowly reaching a balance in those conflicting desires.

After leaving there I walked over to a coffee shop that I've been wanting to visit for months. It was nice, if empty. Comfy couches in the front, tables and the coffee bar in the back. While I was drinking my latte, a family walked in. They asked about live music. I guess a few days ago they had someone playing the acoustic guitar in that place, and I guess he will be playing there again, but nothing firm has been set according to the guy who ran the place. I think I will pay that place another visit sometime in the future.
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