Nite Mirror (nitemirror) wrote,
Nite Mirror

I went to the swing dance's monthly event tonight and enjoyed seeing everyone. Actually, most of today was a good day. I got my copy of HolQeD (the Klingon Journal) and read the article with all the new words in it immediately. I'll prob. read the rest of it later tonight.

I then did my chores for my folks, and then treated myself to a sausage from a local hotdog stand that I love. A few months back when Mom was in the hospital I talked about keeping Dad in a good mood by taking him to this hamburger place, well, if someone wanted to do something similar for me it would be that hotdog stand. (And for the person who tells me to watch my eating and alcohol consumption, I haven't been to that hotdog stand in over a month before today, although I have been having one glass of wine a day lately)

Anyway, I came back here to have my sausage, and watched some TV while eating it. The hot peppers that came with the sausage tasted a little off to me, which was the only disappointment I had with that meal.

So, I get to the bookstore and head over to the coffee shop. Jl and a guy I've seen but can never remember his name are teaching the basic swing step to a large crowd. (rock step, side, side -- a mantra well drilled into my head). I don't see anyone I know scanning the crowd. So I start thinking of going back into the bookstore and wandering while the basic lessons are taking place.

As I'm going K comes up and gives me a hug. She then goes on to say how good I look, but she can't figure out what's different. Toward the end of the night she decides it's my weight loss; That my face is thinner, and my skin looks healthier to her. It's been about 3 months since she last saw me and I have lost about 10 pounds in that time. As I've said here before over the last year I've lost about 40 pounds total.

All I noticed about my appearance is I realized my goatee has a lot more gray in it suddenly. I can't decide if it makes me distinguished, or I should get some of that "Just for Men" hair dye for beards.

Anyway, she points me to where N, P, and Bb are sitting. I'm slightly surprised to see D there too (without her hubby Bn -- it turned out they came separately Bn arriving after I did, and then D leaving long before Bn).

So I watched the beginner lessons for a time (After the basic step Jl and her partner taught the "she goes" move and had them follow with a "he goes" immediately after the "she goes" move. I don't care much for the "he goes" move, but putting them back to back does make a nice combo. Although doing the one then going immediately into the other isn't exactly beginner level either, and I noticed none of the beginners did the two together in the free dancing after the lesson).

Anyway, I get up and wander the bookstore while the rest of the beginner lesson was taking place. I bought a book on linguistics that looked interesting, as well as a book on Buddhism and a map of the local area -- That other group I joined has their events in an area I haven't visited much, so I figured a local map might come in handy.

I get back, and just enjoy myself basically. Bt showed up, and she and I had a nice long talk. I was surprised when she asked who was singing "That Old Black Magic" and I had to tell her it was Sammy Davis, Jr. She should have known better than me. Later a song by Jimmy Daren (Sp?) was played and we had to have Diminutive J tell us he was singing that song.

Oh, and as I've even said in my "score card," I don't know Jl very well, but she came up and asked me my name again saying she knows she's seen me around. So I told her, and after a little small talk she wandered off again. If I can get away in time, I think I might start showing up at another swing dance event that Jl runs (the location is called "The Chocolate Factory." With a name like that I've got to check it out.), although it's a bit farther out than I usually drive (but closer to the area of the other group I've joined too).

I could go on with more blow-by-blow descriptions of the night -- Even mention the from left field comment of Bn's about "Do you want to see my daughter in her underwear?" question. It wasn't as dirty as it sounded, his daughter is in a play and he was encouraging us to see it. K said I've seen his daughter before, but I don't remember. She also mentioned his daughter is 20 something and beautiful which made me wish I remembered. Well, anyway, I doubt I'll see that play. This weekend will be the last performance for the play -- but, anyway, I won't go into more blow-by-blow descriptions of the evening. This entry is long enough. It's late, and I have a few more things to do tonight before I can get to bed.
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