Nite Mirror (nitemirror) wrote,
Nite Mirror

It's time to get my 10 ft. long Dr. Who Scarf, 'cause "baby, it's cold outside" as the song goes.

I've got a bunch of things to talk about so get your favorite warm beverage and settle in for a spell.

In my Klingon journal I talked some about "Sometimes we make the right decision, and sometimes we have to make the decision right." (rut wuqlu'chu', 'ej rut wuqlu'pu'DI' qarnISchoHmoHlu'. as I phrased it in tlhIngan Hol). I'm not really going to translate the whole entry. The reason I'm mentioning it here is because I got a response to that entry.

Well, not really a "response" as it had nothing to do with what I was talking about, but the thing that got my attention right away was that the message was signed Qov. There is a short list of Klingonists (maybe 10 people or so) whose skill in the language I truly respect. Qov is one of them. She was very active on the tlhIngan Hol email list when I first joined it two years ago or so, although she hasn't posted much to the email group lately.

It seems she's compiling a list of internet journals written in tlhIngan Hol, and yemqoyad made the cut.

muquvmoH Qov.

Anyway, one of the things I've wanted to write about here for the last few days is that I've been going back to life's basics. I told someone that I was working on just being in the now, and letting the past and future take care of themselves, being aware of the present. With all the drastic changes I've gone through over the last year I "fell asleep" in a metaphorical sense. I couldn't handle what was going on, so my awareness dimmed. It is time to work on being truly aware each and every moment again. Cultivate my inner stillness again.

Oh, and to the person who I mentioned the above in an email recently, hopefully I'll get you a reply sometime in the next day or two to your email. Sorry, I've been so slow on answering.

One thing I have noticed lately. Now that I have actively practicing the basics of life and keeping ones attention on the mundane things going at the present moment; actively letting go of worry and stress, ... There is a commercial being read on the radio that I'm listening to at this moment, a train is going by on one of the railroad tracks near my house at this moment, the furnace is blowing warm air through the vents, ... I am staying aware of all this and watching the words appearing on the screen as I am typing. I am paying attention to NOW, and not leaving room in my mind for obsessing on events in the past, or worrying about possible horrors in the future.

It is enough to take a taste of the luke warm cup of tomato soup that had been setting on the foot stool next to me long enough to cool. Ah, Zen in a cup of soup! What could be better?

Um, getting back to my point, now that I have been letting go of my attachments to the past and future I am finding I have more energy enough energy that I am doing more work, and feeling better about myself in general lately.

Once again I have a large stack of books that I am savoring. One of these entries I may do a book review of Tribly, although my main comment about it now is the 3 to 5 footnotes per page can be rather annoying. I *have* to look them up even if I know the Greek mythology or Renaissance artist reference. About the only thing I really need help with in that book is the translations of the French sprinkled liberally throughout it.

I just looked at how long this entry is now, and the few things I wanted to mention which I haven't gotten to yet. I just did some mental editing of those notes. I think I'll go straight to where I wanted to say how my thoughts have been going to ... I was going to say two people on my friends list, but actually I have been thinking of three of you a lot lately. Although, I've been thinking of two of the three out of concern, and hoping for the best. I won't name anyone, because in both cases of the two I'm concerned about it was private friends only entries that have me worried about you. As for the third, ...

Hmm, I'll do a Carly Simon (sp?) thing and say "I bet you think this sentence is about you, don't you?" ;-)

Anyway, I wish everyone reading this the best in health, mind, and spirit.
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