Nite Mirror (nitemirror) wrote,
Nite Mirror

I got my cell phone a day earlier than I was expecting. The FexEx tracking # I was given had an estimated delivery date of tomorrow.

I've read most of the papers that came with the phone, and now I'm waiting for its battery to charge. From what I read, I will need to enter a code into the phone that I'll be given when I go through the activation process. I'm thinking that without the battery charged, I won't be able to enter that code into the phone. So I'm not even going to start that activation process before the battery is charged.

While I'm waiting, I brought up a map of my calling area. The local area is much farther than I'd ever normally travel, and the "expanded digital local area" is most of the Midwest and some parts of the East Coast. I'm a bit confused by that, but I think it applies to my phone too.

Although, I did notice my old Alma mater is definitely in a roaming area. There is one patch of white (the roaming area color) on the map for my state and the city my college is in is well into that white area of the map. So if I ever go back to one of the yearly fraternity reunions, I'll be a roaming.
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