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Yesterday I was in a lazy mood. Today I'm ready to work, but the work I want to do involves getting information from my business' main supplier and they are having computer problems so I can't access my account through the internet like I usually do. I don't like using the phone and getting put on hold, but I may resort to giving them a call if they don't get their problems fixed up soon. For now, I'll just do some busy work instead.

On other fronts, I talked to H last night. She's looking into getting a new car. I think I've mentioned elsewhere that transportation is a problem for me (I share a car right now and so half the time I walk where I need to go or postpone things until it's my turn to have the car). Out of the blue H said if she doesn't trade in her current car to get a better deal on the new one she'll let me buy the old one from her cheaply.

That's good I guess. Her car is a stick shift, and during the last of the 3 lessons H gave me for driving a stick I came close to killing both of us (I was too distracted trying to figure out what gear I should be in and almost hit a semi). That was the end of that for me. H said other than that incident, I was picking it up much faster than she thought I would. I'll take the automatic where I don't need to worry about anything more than putting it into drive.

On the other hand, having my own car whenever I wanted would let me get to some events that I've been passing up lately.

Still no word from my email chess opponent. I re-sent (gotta watch the spelling on that word) him my move earlier today. If I don't hear from him by Thursday, I may have to report this to the club. Technically members are supposed to report to the club if they don't hear from their opponent after a week, but rather invoke the powers that be, I'll see if something happened on my own first.
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