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Well, today is another day of enforced time off. My supplier's computer still isn't fixed. I found a message saying they'd be going off line for 15 minutes at 2 pm Pacific time to make the "final" fixes and get everything running again. So what is that Central time? 4 pm? H is much better figuring out differences in time zones than I am, but then again she has to do that for her work sometimes.

One piece of spam I received today had a forged address that was my email address. Spammers do things like that just to make people upset. I'm finding it a little amusing now, but the first time it happened years ago to a different email address I have I became very upset. I think it's different today. People in general are more educated about reading email headers and most of the time forged headers are easy enough to spot now.

I meant to do this a long time ago, but never got around to it.

H's new puppy, Sunnie:

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