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My new website store [Feb. 9th, 2002|03:55 pm]
Nite Mirror
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Well, it's here.


The FAQ's are nonexistent right now, and there are lots of things I'm thinking of changing now that the tech people are letting me play with the management software for the website, but I think since they turned over the controls to me yesterday I'm done tweaking it for the weekend.

From: joyofmacs
2002-02-09 02:48 pm (UTC)


Hey Bill - your site is really looking great! I can't wait to get the catalog and am looking forward to ordering.

I note that it costs five bucks for a catalog and I am ashamed of myself for asking for one w/o paying first. Will put it in with my first order!

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[User Picture]From: nitemirror
2002-02-09 04:38 pm (UTC)


You don't need to pay for the catalog.

I have several catalogs/fliers I give out. Bayberry Lane is the free one you'll be getting (it isn't on the website). The World of Products one is the one you saw on the website. It is the *big* one with everything I sell (well over a 1000 products) and goes to people who have bought from me in the past or who pay for it.

Also, I occasionally offer free specialty catalogs/fliers to people who I think might like the focus of the catalog/flier (e.g. jewelry, garden items, African American items, ... etc.), but I don't normally distribute the specialty ones on any regular basis.
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