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I hope everyone had a good time yesterday on Jack Benny's birthday (yep, that's the event I tend to celebrate on Feb. 14th). :-)

I sent H some cookies for the day. She liked them, although she complained saying she didn't need the fat that was in them.

My catalogs (along with the newsletters and mailing list policy) was finally mailed out today. Part of it I could blame on printer problems, but a bigger problem for why they weren't mailed out earlier was simply my own laziness. I've been in a blah mood all week, and just couldn't bring myself to putting in a good day's work, but that's no excuse.

Hmm, what else? I'm getting a Ron Santo tee shirt for myself, and I offered to get one for Mom and she took me up on the offer so I've got to order two. It's for a good cause, and Ron Santo was the best 3rd baseman the Cubs have had in the last 40 or so years (Not to mention a great color commentator for the games on the radio right now).

I was sorry to hear that he lost his leg to diabetes. I'm sure he and Pat will be talking about that when they get back on the air at the end of this month for the Cubs games.
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