Nite Mirror (nitemirror) wrote,
Nite Mirror

I was planning on writing up my adventure yesterday (getting Fergie Jenkins autograph). The time slipped away from me today, and I'm suddenly too tired.

I am definitely stumbling my way into a Cubs theme collection, just as joyofmacs stumbled into a "Joy" collection. (ok, maybe not exactly like she did, but I think the collections happened to us rather than the other way around).

Hmm, there's a theme for an entry I will prob. never write. Things life pushes onto a person.

Ok, I'm starting to stare off into space. I think that means I should post this then get some sleep. I've a busy day tomorrow, but I'll try to squeeze in writing about the few seconds I met Fergie and watched him sign a baseball for me (and the two hours before that led up to meeting him).

Drama, suspense, sex, and naked ladies! My account of meeting Fergie might have one of those four things in it, or maybe none at all. Tune in tomorrow at this Bat Time and Bat Channel to find out! (yep, I'm blathering, so I should be sleeping right now.) Good Night, people.
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