Nite Mirror (nitemirror) wrote,
Nite Mirror

This is from InfoWorld (click here to read their article

Apparently there is a major security hole for PC users who browse the web.

A few quotes from the article to give you an idea of the threat:

"Internet users visiting some of the most popular sites on the Web may unwittingly be downloading malicious code that compromises their computers and sets up a relay network for a future onslaught of spam, a security services company warned Thursday."

"Examining firewall logs and other data points on those networks, NetSec found that when users visit certain popular Web sites -- including an online auction, a search engine and a comparison shopping site -- they unwittingly download a piece of malicious JavaScript code attached to an image or graphics file on the site.

"Without the user's knowledge, the code connects their PC to one of two IP (Internet Protocol) addresses in North America and Russia. From those systems they unknowingly download a piece of malicious code that appears to install a keystroke reader and probably some other malicious code on the computer, Houlahan said. "
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