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Now that all the paperwork on my end is done for that merchant account and all that's left for me is to wait to be approved, a little self-doubt is creeping in my head. I can't think of any real reason they'd deny my application, but now that the process is out of my hands I am a little worried.

Moving on, I had a bit of an epiphany yesterday. One of the many books I am reading is on the topic of NLP. NLP among other possible definitions could be considered a systematized way to perform up to your best. Reading that book I realized that when I was at my happiest and most successful I had already been using NLP techniques before I even knew about them. At my low points, I pretty much gave up those techniques.

Yesterday, was also the start of Pierogi Fest. I was late getting there for the parade. I walked down the side street where P's band was to play. I looked over and P and the two other guitarists were in a circle softly practicing while the parade was still going on down the main street. P waved at me and went right back to playing. I walked over to the crowd. I don't know how many layers deep the crowd was, but I couldn't see the parade at all and just people watched.

After the parade ended, the crowd broke up somewhat and started going to the food booths. I heard my name being called and turned around to see J coming toward me. I greeted her and she gave me a hug. I was about to ask where Bl (her boyfriend) was when I spotted him fighting his way through the crowd with two lawn chairs and some large beverage coolers. After that, it wasn't long before most of the rest of K's bunch showed up. We basically took up the first two rows of the audience to watch P's band.

Joe brought some pictures from the BBQ party we had and also some pictures from a motorcycle event he went to. Topless women and motorcycles were in the set of photos from the motorcycle event. Bt2, his wife, said as long as he didn't make her go to the motorcycle event was ok that he went. His comment was she could go with him if she'd flash her top there, and she said with a smile back that that wasn't going to happen, and then the two gave each other an affectionate squeeze. I got the impression they had that conversation before from the playful attitude they were having the conversation in now. Joe and Bt2 are relatively new to K's swing group. I like them a lot, and Joe seems *very* familiar to me. I can't place where, but I think I know him from somewhere besides k's group.

Bn showed up late and asked me where the beer was. I answered something along the lines that I'm short on cash and so I hadn't even tried to look for the beer tent. About a half hour later he handed me a beer, and then a few hours later a second one. Bn is a nice guy.

After the Nomad Planets ended their concert, K invited everyone back to her place. After sneaking back to my house to nuke and eat a frozen egg roll (I had a light supper and was very hungry), I went to K's and had a good time.

I accidentally left my jacket there last night, and went back for it this evening. P arrived shortly after I did with K's 4 dogs. He had been taking care of them while she was recovering from her operation. I stayed and played with the dogs some. I haven't play with a dog in years; not since the last time I visited H.

Suddenly I was surrounded by four very happy dogs. I enjoyed playing with the one who kept giving me his ball to throw. K comment about one of the other dogs not barking at me, and how that dog normally barks at everyone. It's nice to see I haven't lost my touch with animals.

I also mentioned that I was thinking of asking one of the coffee shops downtown to hold meetings for people interested in speaking Klingon (a qepHom) to K. From when I have brought up my speaking tlhIngan Hol to her before, I didn't expect much of a reaction (sometimes she bordered on a downright negative attitude to that geeky interest of mine). What I got today was an offer to help promote the event and her saying she thinks it would be good for me to do that. I was surprised to say the least.
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