Nite Mirror (nitemirror) wrote,
Nite Mirror

forgive for yourself, not the transgressor

"I forgive, but I don't forget" was something I told people. Suddenly, I have a new understanding of that phrase. It used to mean to me "Sure, I'll pretend the event never happened. Meanwhile, I going to hold a secret resentment about it." In other words, I simply pretend to forgive and went along believing my own lie that I've forgiven people.

Then yesterday on the radio I heard that people need to forgive not for the sake of the person who wronged them but to get rid of their own negative emotions festering inside them. That really struck a cord with me. Yes, remember and don't set yourself up to be wronged again in the same way. On the other extreme, don't carry it around like a mariner's albatross either.
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