Nite Mirror (nitemirror) wrote,
Nite Mirror

Ok, one late night entry, and then to bed.

Where to begin? I dropped off another catalog at my mom's when she said she was going to buy some chains from her favorite TV shopping program, and I pointed out the catalog I gave her has some nice chains in the jewelry section. Ya know it really does my ego good when even my own mother won't buy from me.

Now I just have to wait till I get enough orders to afford getting some stuff in the mail for everyone out of the area. I am very scared of what the future holds for me and my business.

Dad, mom, and caregiver all went to have Dad take some pre-op tests. He's going to get some bone removed from a couple of toes. I have no idea how he's going to handle the rods sticking out of his foot after the operation.

So I thought I'd go over there and watch their digital TV while everyone was gone. Well, the new kittens snuck out on the porch and after the third or sixth time of getting one in while the other one snuck out on me as I was bring her sister inside, I learned. Lock the one in the bathroom while I get the second so the first can't sneak back out when I'm bring the other in.

I tired calling a friend this evening, but that person wasn't home. Then my computer crashed when I tried paying an overdue bill via the internet. I got a ton of error messages as I ran my disk repair program. The computer is working, to a degree anyway, and I obviously got back on line to pay that one bill (and literally put half of what was my in checking account toward it).

Oh, when I was at A's house last friday for her group's dinner, her hammock broke. I sent her an email telling her I could get a brand new, identical hammock to what she had at a discount price for her today. We'll see if she takes me up on my offer. I know I was shocked at the suggested retail price. It went up $15 from the advertised price in my spring catalogs.

Hmm, what else? Oh, K and her bunch are going to the Ren faire at the end of this month. With my money the way it is, I think I'm going to bow out of going to that. It's funny. Six months ago I was thinking of buying an expensive monk's robe to wear to the Ren Faire. Now I not only am not getting the robe, but I'm not going to the faire either.

This has nothing to do with anything, but I am developing a taste for roasted peanuts. Ok, bed time now.
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