Nite Mirror (nitemirror) wrote,
Nite Mirror

Last night I watched the close of the Olympics while talking to a friend on the phone. When they came out with those bird shaped kite things with the sticks at the tips of the wings, thinking of similar kites I've seen, I made an idle comment to my friend about turning those things into "real" kites and how to do it.

I thought my friend would appreciate the comment because she likes to fly kites. Instead my friend chuckled and said about how I act like I'm the first to think up that idea when it's already been thought up.

As I said to my friend, so what? Given the sheer volume of people who have ever lived, the chances that I or any one I know has an original idea is slim to say the least. That is not the point!

My father often will relate a news story he reads in the paper and add details that are not true or jump to crazy conclusions based on what he read. I used to correct him until one day I noticed his expression when I corrected him.

I would imagine I had a similar one last night. We all live in worlds we shape in our minds. Now I let my father live in the world he shapes from the news stories he reads and misinterprets. I just wish my friend would let me live in the world I shape.

People are more happy in their own worlds. I say let them live in them as long as it does no harm to anyone.
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