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My first entry [Nov. 14th, 2001|08:23 pm]
Nite Mirror
[Current Mood |contemplativecontemplative]

A blank page, the silence before the music starts, unshaped clay, ...

Gee, when I was thinking of how to start these entries I never thought I'd get poetic. Although all beginnings are simply raw potential. What happens next shapes everything.

Why am I creating this on line journal? Not that long ago, I would have considered my journal writing too personal to share with the world in general. What has changed? Everything; the world as of 9-11, and I have been changing too.

I've been a grown child for a long time now. I think after 3 decades on this world, I'm finally starting to mature. Change and chaos are the only true inevitabilities. People in general are resistant to change. I have given lip service to how flexible I can be, but I have been forced to realize I am more rigid than I thought.

Against my will life is forcing me to change. I don't like it, but I am not the same person I was a year ago. I have changed, and I know I am still in a state of transition, right now I am balancing between possibilities; a Schrodinger's cat, potentially living a number of different states. Where will the quantum flux that is my life settle?

This first entry certainly isn't what I planed. I was thinking I'd simply relate the cold facts of my daily life and maybe talk about some of my hobbies. I probably will have entries along those lines.