Nite Mirror (nitemirror) wrote,
Nite Mirror

The following is a rant I sent to an email group I belong to (with some minor editing -- Removing A's name and replacing it with "A," and deleting a reference to the town where the local Border's is located, and maybe a few minor grammar corrections). I am putting it here because ... well to take a metaphor I used below, I think the shotgun blast of my words could be applied in a lot of situations, not just for the disgruntled complainer who inspired me to write it. I think you can guess the complainer's points from what I wrote.

The email:
    First the disclaimer that I am about to be much more blunt than I usually am 
    with my words.  Also, while this was inspired by the other letters in this  
    thread this is directed at no one in particular.  If you get caught in the  
    buckshot have enough sense to duck because I wasn't really aiming at you.

    Now my response: 
    I learned from childhood onward that being ignored is easy.  Watch me at a  
    munch, I will sit in some obscure place; farthest from the fire, in a lone  
    section of garage, at the end of the table at the restruant.  Yet if I want  
    attention I can make my voice heard by anyone there I want.  Getting  
    attention is not a passive thing that just happens.  You make it happen for  

    Another thing I learned in my life, just as there are people who you simply 
    don't like, there will be people who don't like you.  There are cliques in any 
    group.  People who naturally gravitate toward each other, and away from 

    Now, I am about to say the most controversial thing I can say in this group.  
    Control of anything other than yourself is an illusion.  I joined this group 
    because I like that illusion, but only in my fantasies do I believe it.  

    This is A's group.  If I suggested something like holding that book club thing at  
    the local branch of Border's Books (upon reflection not one of my best 
    suggestions, but one of the few suggestions I *did* make), and it's turned 
    down, as it was, the only control I had of that situation was making the 

    Yes, I expect to be heard when I have something to say.  And likewise everyone 
    here has the right to expect me to listen to anything they have to say.  
    However, the final decision as to what happens isn't mine to make in this 

    As much as I don't like saying this, no one here even has to like me.  That is 
    another thing out of my control.  I do hope that I can make several friends 
    here, but it is just a hope and nothing more.  

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