Nite Mirror (nitemirror) wrote,
Nite Mirror

Well, I had a bit of an adventure yesterday. I've been meaning to go to a bookstore that is about an hour's drive away from me. Tomorrow is Dad's birthday and I yesterday I took some time off and drove out there to get him a book he wanted.

As per usual, I took a few wrong turns going there. I get lost easily. I was going to go into details of my, um, side trips, but they don't seem that interesting anymore. So anyway, I get to the book store get Dad's book, and pick up Laurell Hamilton's A Kiss of Shadows for myself. When in the checkout I asked who I would talk to about setting up a qepHom. So the lady was paged and she came to the check out lane.

I made my pitch for it. At first she brushed me off until I pointed out how many Klingon books there on the market. I still didn't get any promise from her, but she did take my name and number and said she'd call me. I'm not sure i f it was a brush off, or if I have a chance of holding the qepHom there. I'm hoping it's the later.

Moving on although sticking with the Klingon theme, some time ago in the tlhIngan Hol email list there was a move encouraging the KLI to start up the MUSH they used to have. Everyone on the list who used it when it was up seemed to have fond memories of it.

Well, when confronted with something I'm not familiar with I did what I always do and researched the topic. I read a good deal about MUSH's. At first I thought they were just glorified internet chat rooms. In a way, I guess they are. I'm not too big on chat rooms in general. "Been there, done that, got it out of my system" type thing.

Although there is an aspect that intrigues me. I'm old enough to remember infocom and all their text only games. I still have all 3 of the original Zork series and Leather Goddesses of Phobos on 5 1/4" disks (remember those? When floppies were still floppy?).

So any way, I logged onto TinyTIM both because sydneygb uses it, and through my internet research on MUSH's I heard there were a few Klingon speakers that hang out at that MUSH too.

So I logged on to it and started exploring. I am still devouring the help files (in some cases it is downright amusing. When I saw a category labeled "PENIS" and typed HELP PENIS I got an amusing article about its ups and downs).

I decided I'd stay. So, I started exploring the hotel for a good place for to stay. There were a few floors of the hotel that have a Star Trek theme and I figured that would be a good home for yemQo'yaD, my Klingon persona, and so late last night he went into the process of creating hotel room for himself.
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