Nite Mirror (nitemirror) wrote,
Nite Mirror

I don't see the family resemblance, but in doing some house cleaning we uncovered some *old* photographs, and my parent's caregiver said how striking the resemblance was between my Grandfather, Dad, and I.

Over the years I have been told I look a lot like my Father. She commented that Gramp looked like us too. I don't see it. Dad and I are becoming ever more follicly challenged as we get older. Gramp had a wad of hair on his head that the more I lose the more I envy him keeping his hair his entire, long life.

I just stopped to study a picture I recently recieved of my great-grandfather. When I first looked at it I didn't see the resemblance. However, if you remove his bushy mustache and put a few more age wrinkles, it could be Gramp instead of my Great-Gramp.

Hmm, add glasses, remove the mustache and hollow out the cheeks some and I guess in a stretch it might be Dad. Although that would be a much bigger stretch than Gramp.

I don't know about me there though. Add a closely trimmed goatee instead of the bushy mustache, and add glasses ... hmm, remove some of the wrinkles, ... nah, I still don't see myself.
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