Nite Mirror (nitemirror) wrote,
Nite Mirror

I just finished some frozen french toast for brunch and am sitting here sipping coffee. The dominant sound is the soft, rymthic humming and clicking of my printer as it's going about it's business. Friday night and yesterday morning, I printed out half of my newsletters and mailed those.

Today, I am printing out a paper on canning for one of the caregiver's daughters. She wanted me to find out why something she canned turned purple. Apparently, garlic and vinegar will do that when canned together, and it is safe to eat.

Then I'll print the remainder of my newsletters and while that's happening do some winterizing to this house (pull in the window a/c from my bedroom, and go around closing the storm windows). As is becoming the usual, the transition seasons seem to becoming ever shorter. It just suddenly got cold, no slowly dropping temperatures as I remember happening in my youth.

By the time I finish all I have planed, it should be about the time to wander over to my parent's house and see what new chaos will greet me there. Dad has switch meds during the time that there has been a lot of spring cleaning going on at that house. He has been wild and mean. It isn't easy to say the least. I am learning to cope. I have been playing some poker with play money each night before I go to bed. I'm surprising myself by how well I am picking up the game. Although, I have been in the habit of reading an article or two on poker strategy before actually playing each night too. That and some bedtime reading are my main ways to relax lately.

I have the Cubs game on the TV right now. No sound, and unlike usual I don't even have the radio on calling the game. After hearing the pregame show point out how last year they clinched post season play on the next to last game and this year the penultimate game was the nail in the coffin for them, I just had to get rid of the sound.

Well, the canning paper for Db is finished printing. So I'm going to end this, shift to printing the last batch of newsletters, and start winterizing this place.
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