Nite Mirror (nitemirror) wrote,
Nite Mirror

I thought it was interesting playing poker tonight. For a time the table I was playing at was playing shorthorn (less than 6 players -- 3 in this case if you want the exact number), and from my study I knew the odds for weaker hands to win are much better in shorthorn games, so I was playing extremely loose and taking many more chances than usual. I was winning with weak hands and bluffs.

One of the two I was playing against was playing against me when the table was still a longhorn game, and he saw me playing "normally." So I gained enough respect from him to know I could get away with occasional bluffs.

With the other player, because I was raising and calling with weak hands -- and controlling the table that way too -- he was saying it was beginner's luck and how I shouldn't be able to get away with what I was doing. He started tilting, and I knew I had that player's number too. I was having a good time making him think I didn't know what I was doing while saying just enough to let the other in on the joke and taking both my opponents' play money in just about every hand.

Then more people joined the table making it a longhorn game again and I had to switch back to waiting for better hands to be dealt to me and play like that second guy thought I should have played all along. All in all, I had my best night for poker yet.

Maybe I should look for more shorthorn games in the future where psychology and reading your opponents comes much more into play than the discipline and waiting for good hands that are needed to win in the longhorn games.

Too bad it wasn't real money. Then again, I prob. wouldn't have found my opponents as easy marks on a real money table either.
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