Nite Mirror (nitemirror) wrote,
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setting goals, getting feedback, making progress.

I am good at setting goals. Where I fall short is in telling others my goals and getting encouragement when I'm on the right track, or receiving a verbal "kick in the ass" as I've phrased it for the times when I've drifted from that correct track.

I have mentioned a book called The Laws of Power in the past here. One of the "rules" I have been grappling with a lot is the one on avoiding the unlucky and the unhappy. It is difficult to avoid oneself, and one's relatives.

Hmm, if I was thinking in my old martial arts pattern, when one can't avoid, then the choice becomes to either redirect or absorb it. You don't stop momentum against you. So how does one "redirect or absorb" misfortune and misery?

You could look for the opportunities hidden inside them (embracing and absorbing it by making its momentum your momentum). You could mentally disconnect from life (hmm, that's taking the full hit now that I think about it -- not where someone wants to go). Ok, if you can't find opportunities, that leaves the redirect. As I said in a past entry, "When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change" (credit to Wayne Dyer (spelling?) for that quote). Sounds like a good redirection to me.

So where does that leave me? Or more to the point, what do I do with these worthless words?


Today, I heard on the radio about how scientists are studying the brain chemistry of decision making. They've discovered that the emotional section of the brain and the analytical part often compete against each other when a person has a choice to make (Short term pleasure vs long term rewards basically).

Gee, that sounds a lot like some NLP models I know about. There the trick is to either attach some short term pleasures to the good long term goals, or make the bad habits that provide short term pleasures less pleasurable (although then you get into inertia and what can become the hurricane force of an established habit).


Rereading what I just wrote, it struck me that the tenth law of power I mentioned above is in direct conflict with (from what little I've read of the book) The Art of Seduction by the same author who wrote The Laws of Power. Maybe it isn't direct conflict. Seducers treat life as a game. Being unlucky or unhappy just doesn't enter into a seducer's world.

As part of the game that seducer consider life, negative emotions are part of the game. However, they slide off a seducer like water off a duck's back, or at least that is the appearance they attempt to show the world in general at all costs.

Talk about the ultimate redirect! For that matter, talk about attaching pleasure to long term goals too. That is all seducer are about too; giving and receiving pleasure in all its many forms, and using that exchange of pleasure to achieve their desires. (Or, wheeling and dealing to reach their goals if you want it rephrased, or a change of the way you look at it).

Ok, I've spent enough time writing this claptrap. Time to go back to playing the game of life. I think it's my turn to roll the dice, or maybe I've got to check raise life's misery bet. Whatever I need to do in my turn, I'll let someone else work the bilge.
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