Nite Mirror (nitemirror) wrote,
Nite Mirror

I just wasn't interested in baseball with everything that's going on with the Cubs. Between Sosa's stunt on the last day (and then saying he'd apologize when the time is right -- what??? Either you're sorry and you apologize immediately, or just go away. I don't see an inbetween there.), then Chip leaving, Steve Stone's tension with the Cubs powers that be (although they did renew his broadcast contract), and unmet expectations; baseball just isn't appealing to me right now.

I did get a little boost when I heard Boston was still. It doesn't look good for them. Then there is those Red birds still playing in the NL. Cubs aren't there, but their oldest rivals are. That isn't helping either.

Ah, it isn't any real consolation, but the Cubs did have the first back to back winning seasons in over 30 years. And I got a laugh when I heard on a radio sport's show how the Cubs have a better record than the White Sox this year.

Oh, well. It's time to grab some lunch, then go forth and get some business done on this rainy chilly day.
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