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[Oct. 21st, 2004|10:23 pm]
Nite Mirror
I took a walk around my town today. Lots of halloween decorated houses are out there. Makes me want to put a few ghost stories in this journal.

With the spooky season fast approaching, I have been hearing a lot about Resurrection Mary, Chicago's most famous ghost, on the radio. It's amazing how some people can have grown up in this area and not know about Mary.

That got me thinking about the only hunted house I had any experience with. Back in college my fraternity house was suppose to be haunted with the ghost of the lady who originally owned it, Mrs. Fletcher. According to local fraternity tradition she died by falling down the front staircase of the house. All I know is that everyone eventually gets a creepy feeling if they stay in that house's basement alone for too long a time. And several fraternity brothers (myself included) have addressed Mrs. Fletcher asking her to stop it, when something strange happened in that house (being a fraternity house strange things happen a lot, but they usually don't have a supernatural cause).
susandennis has an interesting entry on the importance of attitude in one's life. I think I used to know it, and my thoughts lately have been bringing me back to the importance of attitude. As one of the quotes I have been dropping quite a bit lately goes, "When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change." Or another one from Gandhi that I was reminded of recently, "Be the change you seek."
Finally, during my walk my thoughts turned to "arcane knowledge." I'm talking about things most people think are secret, or are difficult facts to uncover. The more I thought about that the more I realized simple searches usually reveal a written description of almost anything even "arcane knowledge." The secret of anything isn't in the cold hard facts that can be (and almost always are) put into words. The experience that can't be written down only demonstrated through action and learned through practice is where true arcane knowledge lies.