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Website madness [Mar. 6th, 2002|02:42 pm]
Nite Mirror
So much for that.

I had planned on using this time to get the FAQ page of my business website up instead of the "put questions here" "put answers here" type message that is up on it right now.

But good old Murphy and his law seem to be working today. I can't access my website. I called Tech support about it (I was expecting to be put on hold, but I got right through to my surprise). They said I was the second person who reported the error and the problem was theirs. He also said they would "look into it" and that was all he could tell me at this time.

So time for me to move on to something that doesn't involved working on the website.

Oh hey, what do you know! I thought I'd try it once more before I put this entry on lj and now I can get in to my business site again. Oh, the quirks of computers. Gotta _____ 'em (you fill in the blank yourself and remember there could be children present).