Nite Mirror (nitemirror) wrote,
Nite Mirror

I just heard that Boston won. Way to go!

(The rest of this is talking poker, ignore if I've been boring you with it lately)

It was strange playing poker tonight. I was playing at the table, noted the chip leaders, and tried getting a read on them. The one I judged the best, I just avoided playing the hands he played. The next one I rated at slightly above my skill, and guessed that I was the third best at the table.

That was until the first hand where the person I rated as slightly better than me and I had a showdown. I had the better position at the table, and noticed he was doing exactly what I planned to do before I could do it.

That caused an epiphany. He was *me*. Whenever he and I went against each other the rest of tonight I just played into my own weaknesses, and sure enough I had that guy's number. Everyone else at the table was not a threat.

It was weird thinking of that guy as me. I *knew* what he would do in every case because it would have been what I would have done. I never thought I'd see myself playing against me.
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