Nite Mirror (nitemirror) wrote,
Nite Mirror

New old time radio news

I just read that they are bringing Orson Welles back from the dead to host a new TV series based on his old radio show "The Black Museum."

I've got mixed feelings about that. On the bright side, it is giving life to what was originally an old time radio show. On the other hand, "Black Museum" wouldn't have been my pick. The only old time radio series I liked Orson Welles in was "The Third Man."

Some liked Welles when he was "The Shadow." Give me Bret Morrison's Shadow any day over the one Welles did (any of the other numerous actors who played Lamont Cranston during the Shadow's radio run were better than Welles' Shadow for that matter). And I won't even get into his 1938 Holloween "War of the Worlds" debacle.

Although I suppose they are going for the name recognition, and because Welles went on to do movies (much better than most of his radio appearances btw). He's more well known than say Arch Oboler or Bob Bailey.

Yeah, speaking of Bob Bailey, there would be a good TV series. Bring "Johnny Dollar" to the television. I think I would like to see "the man with the action-packed expense account" as a TV show, but I doubt it'll ever happen.
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