Nite Mirror (nitemirror) wrote,
Nite Mirror

I updated my qepHom page on my personal website, basically saying I've lowered my standards for the type of place to hold it to increase my chances of finding a location some time in this lifetime.

Also, that email 2 game chess match I signed up for 3 weeks ago with iecg was finally set up. I sent the acknowledgment to the club and my opponent.

In these games I'm "player 1" which means it's my responsibility to start game one. So I was a little surprised when my opponent instead of simply acknowledging receiving the pairing and waiting for me to send the first move in the first game, jumped the gun and started the second game first instead of waiting for me to start the first game, um, first.

On the baseball front, the Cubs are getting off to a rough spring training. "Flash" Gordon, the Cubs main closing pitcher, is out for at least 3 months with a torn muscle. That dims the Cubs chances of starting strong this season.

Oh, and if anyone sees my wristwatch let me know! (It's been missing for the last few days and should have turned up by now).
update 3/10/02
I found my watch!</center>
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