Nite Mirror (nitemirror) wrote,
Nite Mirror

One quick note, then I'm getting to bed so I can mail off the last of my catalogs tomorrow morning. I was doing some late night poker playing at a low limit real money table. Now most of the people on the quarter/fifty cent limit tables usually bring $20 or less to the table with them. On rare occasions I'll see someone with maybe $200 in his stack at the low limit tables, but never much more than that.

Tonight while playing someone joins the table and talks of deliberately losing. I look at the money the computer says he brought to the table with him. It starts $59xx ... something. I think, "ok, he's got about $600, a fair amount." I look again. There's a fourth digit there!

The guy was playing at the low limit table with almost 6 grand of real money. I had to double check that I was at a real money table (on the play money tables that kind of bankroll is nothing, but this was a *real* money table).

Well, he played maybe 4 hands before leaving (he might have lost a whole eight dollars, and he even won a buck or so when everyone else folded because of a horrible flop). All the while he's talking about how he was going to be giving us free money and deliberately play poorly. I was thinking he was trying to pull some kind of fast one. Even if he wasn't and was just trying his version of giving charity, the guy could still be banned from the site. Deliberately losing is a TOS violation.
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