Nite Mirror (nitemirror) wrote,
Nite Mirror

Saturday night I had a bout of insomnia. I finally felt I could sleep late Sunday morning. I hadn't drifted off to sleep yet, but had gotten very comfortable when the phone rings. Mom said Dad let one of the kittens outside and could I come over to look for it. So much for sleep.

I got over there and walked onto the porch. The cat was trapped on the porch and not outside at all. She was ready to go back inside too. She walked right to the inside door with a meow as soon as I entered.

So I have a cup of coffee and Mom says as long as I'm here can I go shopping for her. That whole little "the cat's outside" drama felt a bit like a set up to me when Mom started talking about wanting me to go shopping. So, anyway, I did the shopping for Mom and spent most of Sunday over there in a sleep deprived fog.

When I finally got to sleep Sunday night, I had some erotic dreams. No class, I'm not going to share my little perversions with you.

I think the dreams were because the mia caregiver has been flirting like crazy with me. There is nothing between us and never will be. I'm sure it's just her way of trying to snap me out of the funk I've been in lately. All it's doing is causing more tension. The main caregiver is reading more into the flirting than is actually there, and the mia one really plays it up around the main one.

She gave me a ride home Sunday night. Being a walking zombie, I went straight into my bedtime preparations. Ten minutes later, I had to answer the doorbell wearing my ratty bathrobe and doing my imitation of a true Scotsman under the bathrobe, shall we say. Anyway that cold draft was certainly more of an eye opener than I expected when I opened the door.

It was the mia caregiver. Apparently she had left her purse at my parent's house and wanted my key to get in there and get it (my folk's doorbell is broken; once the door is locked for the night they wouldn't hear anyone knocking). I gave my keys to her and had to force myself to stay awake until she came back with my keys.

Today, I don't know if this was just talk or will happen. From the next room I overheard the mia caregiver whispering to Mom that maybe she'd take me to one of the local gambling boats as a Christmas present. I just pretended I hadn't heard that.

I had mentioned to her earlier that despite the boats being around here for years now, I have never been to one, and with my recent discovery of online poker have been a bit curious about the poker tables on them. The main thing stopping me is that "brick and mortar" gambling places don't have the micro limit tables that the online casinos do. I may have slowly been building up a stake online however, all but my original stake is going to pay my bills and make the first payment on the money I borrowed to cover November's bills.

I know the importance of having a large enough stake to play at tables. I always get a laugh out of someone with only a dollar playing at the .25/.50 cent tables I play at online. You will lose that on the first hand or two and then you're done. I get an even bigger chuckle out of the people with .25 cents or less coming to the table. They have to go all-in on the ante without even knowing what kind of cards they'll be getting, and then just sit there while everyone else bets into a much larger side pot. Even in the unlikely event they win the main pot they won't get a penny of the side pot where the real money will be.

Poker is a game of patient aggression. You fold 70% or more of the hands you're dealt and lose a few bucks to antes and false starts waiting for the combination of good hands with good (for you) flops, then show no weakness. To do that you need to have a large enough stake to cover all those false starts before you actually get a winnable hand, and have enough of a stake to be bold when you do play a hand. I wouldn't even think of joining the 25 cent table with less than $10 and I'd be much more comfortable with a $20 stake (which is what I usually bring to the table when I play).

Ya know, it's disgusting I can make more online playing at the micro limit poker tables than I do with my business.

Well, I'm almost as much a zombie now as I was last night. I hadn't planned on staying up this late and typing this large of an entry. Tomorrow I get to work on December's newsletter for my business. Plus Dad has a checkup with the Dr. who did his leg surgery tomorrow too. Fun, fun, fun!

Now to bed and perchance to sleep.
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