Nite Mirror (nitemirror) wrote,
Nite Mirror

The last few days have been ... difficult. So it's time for a late-night, lite entry.

I see Ron Santo is once again going to be on the Baseball Hall of Fame ballot. Last time he thought it would be a shoo-in. I watched the live television feed when they told him he didn't make it. I was heartbroken for him, and I remember how crestfallen he looked. I hope he gets in this year.

He was on WGN radio here in Chicago this afternoon. I only heard a small fraction of what he said because I was dealing with ... other things at the time. I wish I could have stopped to listen. It wasn't an option.

Anyway, I see the Cubs have a tentative schedule put out for next year. According to that it'll be a travel day for them on my birthday (heading to play in New York from Chicago). So I guess I can't do what has become my preferred way to celebrate; buy junk food and beer, and watch the game on TV.
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