Nite Mirror (nitemirror) wrote,
Nite Mirror

I just got back from taking a walk to the local post office. The last mailing for my business went out just now. Too late to do much good, as this coming Saturday is the deadline of when I can guarantee an order will be delivered before the 25th.

There was also a mystery that will never be solved. Two of the catalogs weighed 0.1 ounces more than the others (and so cost me 23 cents more than the others too). They should have all weighed the same. Oh, well.

Speaking of the mail, my little town sent all its residences a notice saying there is a crime wave occurring and listed a number of thefts in the area. One by gunpoint in an alley very near my parents' home just this past Saturday.

The suspects the police are looking for are all African-American. That's a little strange because the vast majority of people in this area are either European-American people or a large and growing minority of people of Mexican decent. There are *very* few African-Americans who live in this area. I suppose it could be gang bangers from the south side of Chicago.

I remember when the police sent out notices to identify and report gang marking from both the Devil's Disciples and the Latin Kings who were having a gang war over trying to get into my little town several years back. The Latin Kings won that battle. If it is Chicago gang bangers behind the robberies, the LK's will take care of them in a very permanent way.

One of the warnings that letter gave was not to walk alone. I do a lot of walking by myself, some of it very late at night from my parents home to mine. Well, I rarely carry anything a robber would want anyway.

Tomorrow, I'll get back to playing some poker. I am currently playing three chess games (with 28 hour time controls, if you don't make a move within 28 hours after your opponent moves you forfeit the game). I prob. shouldn't say anything and jinx it, but one chess game I thought I had lost I'm making a major comeback in.

Oh, speaking of chess, a person from Italy who used to play a lot of email chess games against me contacted me out of the blue just to say hello this past weekend. It was nice hearing from him.

Well, It's time for me to head over to my folks house and see what it is like over there today.
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