Nite Mirror (nitemirror) wrote,
Nite Mirror

I was the cause of tonight's drama at my folk's house. Mom had told me that the doors were open, but the kittens had not gotten out.

I decided to do a head count. I couldn't find one of them. I pulled out their string. They can't resist playing with it and I dragged it though the house. Only one kitten followed me. After 15 minutes or so, and still only one kitten playing with the loose end of the string I was starting to wonder if the other had gotten out. I checked the more common sleeping places and couldn't find the one kitten.

After a half hour I mentioned my fear to Mom, and ... well, drama ensued, let's just say. So cutting to the chase after things settled down, and with Mom crying in the kitchen, she said to the cat that walked into the room how her sister was gone. Now the two kittens are almost identical. The only way I can tell them apart is one has a slightly coarser fur and I need to pet them to know which is which.

So I picked up the one that entered the kitchen and started petting it. I gave Mom a puzzled look as I realized this was the kitten I had been looking for. I told mom, and then went to check that the other one I had played string with was sleeping on a table in the other room. We had both kittens all along.

In other news, I have been spending way too much time over there at my parents home and not enough interacting with others. I know that contributed to a lot of stress I have been feeling lately. With the mia caregiver pleading the flu, and the main caregiver doing only the bare minimum I've been averaging 8 to 12 hours over there per day for the last week or so when I usually try to stay around four hours a day. I'm tempted to throw a pity party for myself.

Actually while I was printing out my business' mailings, my thoughts drifted to that pity party topic, and from there I amused myself with thoughts of a business christmas party with my entire "staff" (me, myself, and I). I debated with myself on whether to hold it "in house" or not. Of course a gift exchange would be a little difficult for me to give myself something.

Oh, that does reminds me of something slightly more serious. I'm not sure I could pull it off, but I had an idea of creating a website to connect strangers for anonymous gift exchanges for the holidays to be used by people like me who miss the days when they received presents from more than two or three people.

One person exchanging a gift with a stranger anonymously in some other part of the country via the mail, and have it so the gifts exchanged are all in the same price range so no one is profiting at the expense of someone else. Considering how for some people this time of year isn't as festive as it should be, I thought that might be an idea to help. However, I wouldn't even think of trying to tackle the logistics of something like that.
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