Nite Mirror (nitemirror) wrote,
Nite Mirror

I'm sitting here nibbling on some pork that I've been eating as a sort of brunch for the last couple of hours. I really didn't feel like getting up this morning.

Right now I'm waiting for the UPS lady. I should be getting a shipment for an in town delivery today. After she shows up, I'll head over to my parents. If I can get out of there early, I might try going to the monthly swing dance thing tonight. I don't feel very social right now. I know it would be good for me to get out though.

I put on the 80's rock station today for a change. Lately, I either listen to the station that is all Christmas music all the time (and has been since the start of November), or my good old talk standard, WGN radio. It's been a long time since I heard Idol's White Wedding.

I played some poker. That was like pulling teeth. I made a half a dollar and decided to call it quits for a time. They changed the graphics. The plain woman at the table isn't so plain anymore, and is sitting in a more provocative pose with her red dress being a figure hugging fit now too. The busty blond had a breast reduction and is a little more plain. The fat guy with the cigar now is wearing a Hawaiian shirt, and, I'm not sure, I think he lost just a little weight too. He seems happier. He always was one of my favorite characters to use. The guy in the jogging suit now needs a shave and just looks creepy with this weird leer on his face. He used to be one of my favorites -- not with this new look now. Tuxedo man is about the only character who is more or less the same; still sitting rigidly straight and impeccably dressed.
Hmm, the UPS lady should have been here by now. :-/

I think I'll post this and then bring up the UPS tracking info for my stuff.
update: I just checked my business email. The orders I processed over the weekend have been shipped. Tomorrow I'll match the tracking numbers to the people and tell them their shipments are on their way.

update #2: According to UPS' website, the package I'm expecting has been in the delivery truck heading to me since 5:34 this morning. She must have stopped for coffee at the shop on the corner, or something. ;-)

update #3: While proofreading this entry and the two other updates my shipment showed up. It wasn't the usual UPS lady today, but a different woman.
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