Nite Mirror (nitemirror) wrote,
Nite Mirror

As I was walking home from my folks house tonight, I happened to look up and notice how the sky was unusually clear. So I was doing a little star gazing at the few stars visible. I was looking just over the roofs of the houses I was passing. Right until I tripped a motion sensor on this one house and activated a spotlight on the roof in the very direction I was looking. So the rest of my walk I was seeing spots in front of my eyes, and there went my star gazing.
Earlier today, I was reminded of an old dream I had. While I no longer actively do any genealogy research, I still subscribe to some genealogy related email lists. I usually delete them, but something moved me to read the one I received today. It talked about someone who wrote a biography about her grandmother, and how she sold 45 copies of it -- far exceeding her expectation of only giving the book to her immediate family.

The scandal that rocked my family almost 80 years ago would be the story I would write. The last family member who was directly involved in it died back in 1999. Before then I was under orders to only talk about it to those who were directly descended from the people involved and deny any knowledge of it to anyone else who asked about what I knew. Since then, I have mentally been debating the ethics of whether I would be betraying my ancestors if I talked to non-family members about it.

It would make a great story. Love and murder intertwined. I'm still not ready to write or talk much about it in public. Someday I may try a fictionalized "based on an actual event" story ... Someday.
Milt Rosenberg had a great program tonight on WGN (as he would reply, "Is that different from any other night?") He was talking about the radio trade with some of the other WGN personalities as guests.

They mentioned a name I hadn't thought of in a long time, Eddy Schwartz. I almost literally grew up listening to Eddy. First on the much missed WIND, then when he moved to 'GN I moved up the dial with him. I still miss the cross talk banter he had with Clark Webber on WIND. Clark teasing Eddy about his weight, and Eddy shooting a bald joke right back at Clark. Jeez, that would have to be around 20 years ago. Nowadays he writes Chicagocentric articles for a small chain of newspapers, and has archived those articles here.

Rick Kogan, one of the newer WGN people who has an early Sunday morning show (I wish it was at a different time. The few times I've been up early enough on Sunday morning to listen I've always enjoyed his show), anyway, when asked what do you try to keep in mind when doing your show he answered "be entertaining, informative, and on rare occasion enlightening."

That is a good recipe for any media. I was thinking ideally even public blogs should take that advice. In this day of shock jocks, out of context 5 second sound bites, and sensationalized news reports; The formula of entertain, inform, and enlighten is refreshing.
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