Nite Mirror (nitemirror) wrote,
Nite Mirror

I have a 1,001 things to do. So instead I'll write here for a few minutes before getting back to something more productive. I mentioned that I have a *lot* of old projects I want to get back to doing. So the old time priority issue for managing my time has come back to the forefront.

On top of that 13 inches of snow was dumped on my town the other day. I wasn't happy to hear the Chicago media list my town as having the second highest snow total in the local area (in the part of the path where the snow always drifts in my parent's back yard I had well over 2 feet to shovel through).

So anyway, I concentrated on getting my parents house and car dug out. I still have a long stretch on the side and back of my own home to shovel. I will prob. go out and do that after I put this up. So dealing with snow has taken most of the time I was planing on doing other things.

I was challenged to write a story last night. I've been thinking about that and started a rough draft today -- Very rough. The more I looked at it the more I realized I had digressed it into two different stories. I'll have to pull them apart.

One is a simple down and dirty story that I could easily finish with just a few hours of work. More an extended written snapshot of a certain activity than a story really.

The other has much greater potential. The only problem is I'm great on the build up, and I know my weakness has always been delivering a finish to mach the build up. Just once when I do creative writing that I think might have potential, I wish I could find an ending to it that matches the quality of the rest of it.

In other news, I rediscovered the text message feature on my cell phone and have been using that for the first time. When I get or send a message there's a neat little animated envelope that moves across the phone's display. After a few more messages the novelty of that will wear off. For now though, I find watching that animation fun still.

Plus it's someone very special to me that I've been messaging too. Which is where the bigger thrill lies. ::::vbg::::

Well, it is long past the time I thought I would be shoveling snow yet again. So I guess I gotta go. :-/

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