Nite Mirror (nitemirror) wrote,
Nite Mirror

I have a massive headache. Today wasn't the best for me. I am actively trying to fight a ... bad mood shall we say. In general it was a typical day.

About the only thing different today is that I think my furnace is going out on me. I have to turn the blower part on and off manually using the "summer" switch as it's labeled. The flame goes on when the thermostat says it should, but the blower fan hasn't been going on automatically.

Hmm, or at least long enough to do much good. As I was typing that last sentence, the blower tried to go on for a couple seconds then cut out again. If I remember correctly, the blower should start when a sensor senses the heat from the flames coming up in the furnace. That switch/sensor thingie must being going on the blink. I can't afford to get someone to look at my furnace's thingie either right now.

Wow, I'm watching today's Jeopardy show. My Cubbie's were an answer to a question today -- The baseball team who's last world series win was in 1908.
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