October 2nd, 2002

Tip of the Hat

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I wasn't planning on putting in an entry today. At this time of night I should be in bed sleeping. Well, I will write this and then get to bed.

I went to the "planning meeting" for dark in the park. It was at K's home. I was the first one there, then I found out it wouldn't be as big a crowd as I thought. Basically it was to bring Jd, L, and me up to speed on what was going on. Everyone else involved already knew the plan. After that L left and K showed Jd and me some pictures of past events that Jd and/or I were at. I enjoyed it more than I thought. Normally I am not very interested in viewing pictures, and I do not like seeing myself in a picture. But it was good seeing people I haven't seen or thought of in a very long time.

Well, it is starting to thunder so I should end this now. Get off line and get to bed.