January 18th, 2005

Tip of the Hat

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I'm sitting here zoning out some. I was needed at my folks house until late last night. Then I wanted to try and earn some money to try and make a stab at paying my bills this month. Despite being told I would have some help paying, I know that help isn't going to be enough if I get any at all. So I stayed up even later last night playing poker.

When I stumbled out of bed this morning, I decided to do some cleaning. I usually handle the chemicals barehanded (with a rag or paper towel of course) and then rinse them my hands right after I'm done. I guess I spent too much time cleaning. The tip of one of my fingers feels like it was burnt some. No biggie.

Then I checked the status of the catalogs I ordered to mail out. I saw they should be arriving today. So I decided I better get moving on my newsletter. I've done a bit of research on donating to the tsunami relief effort that I will report on in my newsletter. Even though sales are pretty much nonexistent this time of year I will also announce that 5% of any sales I get during February will be given to the Red Cross' International Response Fund. I was leaning toward the Red Cross since I figured I'd donate. My research on charities convinced me they would be the best place to donate.

Then the radio started a segment about relationship counseling. It was kinda interesting and I stopped to listen. They said how in most couples that are in trouble the vast majority have only one of the two partners who want to make it work, and how the first step is identifying what each partner needs from the other to feel loved. um, being anal retentive, I took a few notes. Although it was all stuff I heard before from other sources.

Well, my catalogs should be here any time, and I'm starting to feel the need to do something else that will get me closer to my goals. The problem is figuring out what to do in the time I have until I need to leave here for my other responsibilities.