February 4th, 2005

Tip of the Hat

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Friday Fluff!

Here are some recently discovered websites:

For cat lovers who have broadband connections (or are willing to wait a *long* time for the page to load like I did): www.tinyurl.com/6q8gt

Famous films reduced to 30 seconds and reenacted by bunnies. Need I say more?
I got a chuckle the other day. One of my parents' neighbors has been trying to sell his house for a long time now. Yesterday, I grabbed one of the advertising flyers he had in a bucket under his sale sign.

There were two amusing things in the propaganda. The last sales item he listed in the facts section was "nearly level." I know how the little cat balls my parent's cats play with all roll toward the back wall of the kitchen because their house is noticeably slanted. If his is like my parent's house that "nearly" part of level isn't as nearly as he wants a person to believe.

The average price of homes around my area is around $100,000. He wants $150,000 for his. The second laugh I got was a little footnote saying that was a reduced price. Um, I have a feeling if he is going to sell his house, he'll need to drop the price a lot more still.