February 25th, 2005

cubbie bear

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Ah, snow is in the air and Cubs tickets are starting to be sold. In less than a week, on Dad's Birthday, I'll be listening to the first spring training game the Cubs have.

Given how with all the attention on the major trade the Cubs made this winter, Dad kept pointing to the paper and asking me to put the ball game on the TV. I was getting tired of telling him they aren't playing yet. At least it only took three days for him to understand his favorite player is now going to be playing for Baltimore. I'm sure he doesn't understand the reasons behind the trade. With all the mud slinging, I just wish the whole matter will drop.

It's going to be an interesting season. People will be watching Baltimore looking for an excuse to say "I told you" with the "Sammy watch" as one Chicago sports guy is calling it. People are saying Dusty is on the bubble himself to get the Cubs a championship and feeling the pressure of that. One sports person went so far as to say if Dusty doesn't get the Cubs to the World Series this year he'll be gone in 2006.

I don't miss the days when the Cubs were "those lovable losers." I do miss the facade that everyone involved in the Cubs organization got along. At least back in the '70 and '80 the public image was everyone on the team got along even the broadcasters were "part" of the team then too.

Well, it's time I wandered out into the big, unforgiving world yet again. Maybe I'll even try out the town's new barber and get a hair cut today! Oh, I don't know if I can hold back my excitement.