March 2nd, 2005

Tip of the Hat

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I may write a rant on government censorship that a certain Alaskan politician inspired. Cable television is something people pay to have. The government has no right to impose any standard on something we chose to give our money to get. You don't like it, you don't pay for it as far as I'm concerned. What next? The government wanting to impose standards on magazines we get in the mail?

Hmm, not as detailed as I was planning, but I think I did just write my little rant.

In other news, I can't help feeling for that federal judge who lost her husband and mother. If you're not familiar with this news story, well, she came home from work to find them murdered. I don't even want to imagine what that was like for her.


Ok, that ends the "in the news" section of this entry. I've wanted to write in here for the last 3 days. Write about the same old stuff basically. One thing that is new is my hip is hurting. Yesterday while shopping for my parents, it felt like I pulled a muscle in my upper leg. Today the muscle feels fine again but the hip hurts.
One of the few things I found amusing in the last few days was walking into my parent's house and discovering my father had on one of the Spanish language TV channels. He watched it all day without realizing they weren't speaking English. Finally after supper Mom spent 15 minutes or so trying to point it out to him. As I told her, he was happy with it, why'd she have to rock the boat?
In local news, both my parents and I received a flier at our respective houses on the topic of the County's unfair property tax. My city is part of the fight against it and wants 1,000 people to go down to the state capital to protest the tax to the state government. To that end they are offering a free round trip bus ride.

Until I realized it would make a 16 + hour day for me (8 hour round trip then another 8 hours taking care of my parents' needs when I got back), I was tempted to sign up for the free trip just to get out of town for a time. I'd ditch the protesters and do some sight seeing in Indy. That was a fleeting thought when I realized I can barely stay awake at the end of my days now, much less survive that kind of a day.
I'm a little worried about getting my poker bonus. Nothing to panic about yet, but I am behind on the schedule for getting player points that I set for myself. Plus I have been experiencing a "variance downswing" in my game lately (in other words a losing streak). I am just reminding myself that what little I'm losing right now will be more than covered by the bonus if I can get it. So I'll just look over my hand histories to decide if I am just getting bad cards or I have a "leak" (another term for losing money) somewhere in my game that needs to be addressed, and keep playing.

There is one interesting thing I've discovered since going over my statistics and hand histories. I play better against fewer people than a full table. In full tables, you more or less just play fewer hands then everyone else and wait for premium hands to win. In games with 5 or less people, you pay more attention to the other people at the table and play them more than the cards you hold in your hand.

I didn't think I was better at the latter. My records seem to be indicating that though.