April 30th, 2005

Tip of the Hat

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As usual my emotions have been on a roller coaster ride this past week. Right now I'm on the up end of the emotional swing. I won't talk about how low I got. I need to interact with more people than the few I do. It's not healthy for me, but then again I know during what's becoming too usual a state of mind for myself I prob. shouldn't interact with others anyway.

Moving on, I was reading forbes.com's article about a new drug coming out in June for type 2 diabetes, Byetta, a drug from lizard saliva -- how neatly gross! However, that has nothing directly to do with anything other than before I was redirected to the web page with that article there was a quote from Buddha that struck me unexpectedly.

I thought I'd be going directly to the article and got an intermediary page with a "quote of the day" just before being directed to the page I expected. I tried going back to get the quote again, but couldn't get there anymore for some reason. The quote was something about neither praise nor criticism influences the enlightened (that's not right, but as close as I can get from my memory of the brief glimpse I had).

I'm pretty good at handling criticism, or at least I'm better at it than handling praise. Then again criticism I get in spades, and pretty much expect it. Whereas praise ... well, I'm about the only one who ever praises myself (hey, it's a tough job, but somebody has to do it). Anyway, because it's a rare event, I will admit I'm a sucker for someone else praising me and crave it on the the too few occasions it happens.

In other news, I noticed some old koosh balls I have were drying out. I poured baby oil on them. Then did some oily koosh ball juggling to spread the oil and mix it into the balls. They really soaked up the oil and are softer and more subtle than they've been in years.

And finally, for the odd comment, both WGN radio and WBBM radio are off the air. My number one and two late night radio stations shouldn't schedule down time at the same time. It's annoying. Hmm, the oldies station is playing Neil Diamond's "Kentucky Woman" right now.