May 4th, 2005

Tip of the Hat

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Cool. Jeopardy had a category that mentioned US 41 in several clues today. Including mentioning charmere's part of the world (and Papa John's Pizza). No questions about my part of that interstate highway. Then again what used to be my favorite pizza place on 41 has had their quality dropping a *lot* lately.

The last time I asked for extra sauce at Aurelio's I got no sauce whatsoever. It was just cheese, toppings, and crust. So I pointed out it even said extra sauce on my receipt. I wanted a free pizza for that blunder and only got a $3 refund. I'm looking for a new favorite pizza place now. I can't recommend the Hammond Aurelio's anymore like I once did.

Papa John's have started opening near me, maybe I should see if I'm in the delivery area of any of them. I'm also almost tempted to call the 800 # of Lou Malnatie's, a pizza place in Chicago, which will pack a pizza in dry ice and mail it overnight to anywhere in the US. I've been hearing it advertised on the radio for years and have their 800 # ingrained into my head almost as deeply as Chicago's Empire Carpet company's phone number (anyone who grew up anywhere near Chicago knows the Empire number by heart).

Malnati's Pizza and Empire Carpet are about the only two phone numbers I have memorized that I've never called. Well, there is 867-5309, but that's just a song from my youth and not a "real" number (even if hundreds of people across the US may have that number with different area codes).

Moving on, some time ago I won my first dark chess match, and started another. This one is more challenging. The guy I'm playing uses the blind spots and unorthodox strategies exactly like I spoke about when I wrote that entry on dark chess here. Apparently, he used some kind of variation on the (mostly discredited in regular chess) hedgehog opening. It's strong in the opening, but causes a lot of positional headaches in the middle game that an opponent can use to his advantage in regular chess. Anyway, I've spotted one of his rooks. It is apparently only guarded by a pawn (I'm pretty sure he hasn't had time to move anything else in position to guard it). So, I'll sacrifice a bishop to take that rook and force him to double his pawns on the A file (weakening his position even more).