May 15th, 2005

Tip of the Hat

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I just finished (and won) my first Jamble game,'s version of Scrabble. I'm not a big fan of word games, and signed up for this one on a lark. At the start when it was easy and I was racking up points like crazy (giving me a big lead that coasted me to my win) it was fun. After the board filled up and it was harder to find acceptable words to add it became less fun and my lead lessened. Now the person I was playing has challenged me to a rematch. I suppose I'll play her again, although now that I know the end game isn't as fun as the start, I don't think I'll enjoy it as much.

I'd rather play games where they start hard and get easier as you go along. My Reversi game is going like that. I was really challenged in that game starting out but now that I've got control of two corners of the board and expect to get a third corner in the near future. I don't really need to think about my moves any more, unless I wanted to throw the game. Then I'd actually have to think about finding a bad move (if it's even possible for me to lose at this point in the game).