July 16th, 2005

Tip of the Hat

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I learned something today. While a BLT pasta salad sounds good, I don't like them -- at least not the way the local supermarket makes them.

In other news, I won my jumble game on itsyourturn.com again, and the person I've been playing challenged me to yet another rematch. Some people are just gluttons for punishment I guess, and don't let it be said I leave a masochist wanting.

Also, I am not going to get a swelled head over the fact that so far on the itsyourturn website I am undefeated at reversi (or do you call it othello?). While, so far, no human has won against me at that game, I do have a computer program of reversi that I cannot win against. So I know I am not undefeatable. I'm not buying an itsyourturn membership, so I'm limited to just the chess ladder (free accounts can only be in one ladder game at a time). Otherwise I'd join one of the reversi ladders and see how far I could climb that.

Speaking of chess, well, I guess I'm the glutton for punishment in this game. I feel I should do better at it than I do. Although, I have worked my way up into the top half of the ladder (670 of 1826 as I type this to be precise -- although the players and exact ranking changes several times a day). Getting at least halfway up was my goal when I joined the ladder, so I actually bettered that. I don't see myself getting much farther up then my current ranking though.